The Iaiá Market 2020-2021

Bachelor Project: a pitch bible for a 2D animated series. 

Link to the full pitch will be included soon.

“After being dropped off for the weekend, Bri, a rambunctious 11-year old girl, goes with her grandpa to sell junk at a flea market. Besides screeching vendors and waves of tourists, the market is home to a community of really small creatures, the Pewtiscaroodlers, that only Bri knows about. Bri must shrink down to the Pewts’ s level in order to help save the market from her Dad while also dealing with her own personal conundrums. All of this before classes start on Monday!”

WWF 2020

short client film with the theme ‘It’s your home too’  and deforestation | 5 weeks

Send Nudes 2020

The Suitor. The Appraiser. The Painter.

In a galaxy where lineage and looks are the most valued currency, there is but one catch: Virtual images can’t be trusted, so rich and powerful Lords across the galaxy commission painters to portray their offspring, in order for them to get married.
These realistic nude paintings are kept safe in an Art Gallery, where appraisers from all over gather and see who’s the most perfect specimen to please their clients.