I'm Catarina Azevedo and I’m a young artist from Lisboa, Portugal, currently working in Iceland as Lead Background Artist on the 2D tv show Hormildur the Brave. I'm also a freelance Children's Books Illustrator for Made by Things creative agency. I have 2+ years experience in the TV Animation Industry as a Designer and Background Artist.
When asked what my job is, I answer Visual Storyteller, for it encompasses everything that I’m capable of doing- storyboards, comics, design, writing and pulling all those areas together.
I tend to combine magical realism and nostalgia in my work and enjoy to create stories aimed for kids and young adults. My hobbies include biking, baking, reading mystery or fantasy novels and sometimes attending cons as an artist. I’m very fond of Ninja Turtles and dogs!
Clients include:
AppleTV - Netflix - Cartoon Saloon - BrownBagFilms - WWF 
contact me: mcazevedo1996@hotmail.com
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