I'm Catarina 'Cat' Azevedo and I’m a Portuguese artist currently working as a Location Designer at MINT Copenhagen for an unannounced Nickelodeon pre-school show. I have +3 years of experience in TV, Commercial and Feature Animation as a Designer and Background Artist. Besides that, I often work as a Freelance Illustrator for books, magazines, museums, etc!
When asked what my job is, I answer Visual Storyteller, for it encompasses everything that I’m capable of doing- storyboards, games, comics, design, writing and pulling all those areas together in an organised way. Recently, after finishing a Mentorship in IP Development, I've also taken an interest in Producer and Production Coordinator/Assistant roles. So feel free to reach out to me if you think I might be a good fit for your project!
I tend to combine magical realism and nostalgia in my work and enjoy to create stories aimed for kids and young adults. My hobbies include biking, baking, reading mystery or fantasy novels and sometimes attending cons as an artist. I’m very fond of Ninja Turtles and dogs!
Clients include:
AppleTV - Netflix - Cartoon Saloon
Nickelodeon - Brown Bag Films - WWF
contact me: mcazevedo1996@hotmail.com
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